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WhatsApp for companies: Business version or Business API?

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WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API (Enterprise level) are the official ways for companies to use the world’s most used chat app as their official customer service channel.

With WhatsApp Business, you can automate, sort and respond to customer messages in an easy way. The biggest difference with the Business API (Enterprise level) is that it uses an API to allow integration;

This integration opens up countless possibilities for communication with consumers, allowing for closer relationships, greater convenience, reliability, and a great experience;

All types of business can have their own personalised version of WhatsApp. Sinch is a WhatsApp partner and can help you get the best out of WhatsApp, with custom chatbots and an omni channel platform!

There are 120 million active users in Brazil and 2 billion worldwide. We are talking about WhatsApp: the most popular instant messaging app. Most people you know probably use the app to communicate with friends, family, co-workers and even brands.

According to the survey, “Panorama of Messaging in Brazil”, 69% of respondents said they talk to businesses via WhatsApp. Among the channels monitored by the survey, the messaging app is the one most used to contact brands. Consumers also think it is a great channel to ask questions to a company or receive technical support.

That is why some companies use WhatsApp informally in their day to day business to communicate with customers. With an eye on the opportunity of expanding its influence in the digital environment, WhatsApp then started offering services specifically geared towards businesses.

The first of these was WhatsApp Business, launched in 2018, and then WhatsApp Enterprise or Business API. If you want to include the app as an official communication channel in your marketing strategy, keep reading for an explanation of the differences between the versions:

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is designed to facilitate the interaction of small and medium-sized companies with customers. It allows you to automate, sort and respond to consumer messages in an easy way. Thus, in addition to making life simpler for the business owner, it is safer for the client, who can be sure that he is using a professional channel.

WhatsApp Business gives a brief description of the business, company website, physical address, email and opening hours. You can also schedule some automated messages, such as:

  • Welcome message/introduction greeting for new contacts;
  • Absence note for out of office hours;
  • Automatic answers to FAQs.
  • WhatsApp Business also provides statistics about messages sent to consumers. With this data you can plan successful strategies for the company.


Despite being geared towards the business world, WhatsApp Business does have some limitations.

You must, for example, use a mobile number that is not linked to any other account on the app, even if it is in the traditional version of WhatsApp. It doesn’t have an API, which means you can’t integrate the app with other systems, like chatbots.

Also, only two users are allowed to access the account at the same time, one via the app and the other via the web browser. This hinders larger companies that have several people in customer services.

 WhatsApp Business API or Enterprise

Business API Enterprise (also called Business API) is aimed at medium to large companies. It has the same functions as WhatsApp Business, but it differs precisely in having an API that allows integration with company internal systems or chatbots.

That means you can automate the sending of information and the entire customer services team has access to the channel. With this integration, all customer information is concentrated on a single platform, making it much easier to manage customer services.

With a chatbot connected to WhatsApp, you can serve a large number of people in a fast, objective and personalised way. When there is direct integration with the company’s system, the chatbot can check order status, request slips, check shipping, make registration changes and even make a complete sale! All this without the need for human intervention.

In both versions (Business and Enterprise API) messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only the sender and receiver have access to the content.

How to join

Since the app has always been people-focused, WhatsApp doesn’t want to become a spam environment. It is for this reason that the company that wants to use the service must first go through an approval process with WhatsApp.

Partner companies like Sinch are official app providers. They have direct contact with the app’s support and provide, besides the communication channel itself, the necessary technical support and complete platform. In that way, you can be sure to make best use of all the advantages that the API can offer.


Providing service channels that the consumer identifies with and likes using is an important part of strengthening the relationship with the customer and increasing customer loyalty.

Having a business WhatsApp account brings a lot more credibility and ease to your business. WhatsApp Business is already an excellent addition to your business, but if you want the personalisation that an API allows, go for WhatsApp Business API (Enterprise level), which will allow you to establish two-way, personalised and automated communication with your customers.

The main advantages include:

  • More personal contact with your customers;
  • Reduced response time as a consequence of improved contact with the public;
  • Real-time answers to questions;
  • Contacts separated by interest groups, enabling you to provide a personalised service;
  • The use of audio-visual tools for more prominent marketing campaigns (photos, videos, audios and documents);
  • The chance to establish a relationship of trust between customer and company.

 WhatsApp for all Business Sectors

No matter what your business activity, you can have a customised WhatsApp solution for your business. And we can help you! With Sinch, you can send messages on a large scale to your customers, reducing costs and providing a better customer experience!

How many of your company’s calls could have been easily answered by a virtual assistant? Sinchchatbots save phone costs. Not only that, but the customer can send a message much more easily than they would with a phone call.

Contact one of our experts to find out how you can use these strategies in your own business and stand out from your competitors. Now that you know the advantages of using WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API (Enterprise level) in your own company, check out our blogs on how to transform your customer services using WhatsApp